Maximizing OR workflow efficiency, safety and staff training with AI

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Who Are We?

Exin Health is a leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for surgery. With extensive expertise in both clinical and operational aspects, we are at the forefront of developing cutting edge solutions that enhance operating room safety and efficiency, while reducing avoidable errors and increasing new staff training capabilities. 

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by optimizing patient outcomes through intelligent technology, empowering medical staff with intuitive tools and streamlining surgical processes.

Our Vision

At Exin Health, we are dedicated to solving key challenges in the field of surgery.

Increase OR Workflow Efficiency

Our primary focus is on increasing surgical efficiency and improving the overall workflow within operating rooms (ORs). By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and AI, we streamline surgical processes, ensuring smoother procedure flows in the OR and reduced turnover times between cases.

Reduce Preventable Mistakes

Our AI-driven systems are designed to identify and mitigate potential risks, minimizing the occurrence of preventable mistakes. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning, we enable surgeons and care teams to make informed decisions and ensure safer surgical outcomes.

Accelerate New Staff Learning Curve

Increasing shortage of physicians and nurses is a challenge for healthcare systems. We support young surgeons, physicians, and care team members in reaching their full potential faster by providing AI-based guidance to accelerate their skill development and proficiency.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Our AI-based solutions aim to improve the job satisfaction of all care team members. By enhancing workflows, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors, we create a more satisfying work experience and foster a culture of excellence within surgical teams.

Our Core Technology

Our core technologies include AI, computer vision, machine learning, workflow optimization, and actionable insights generation. Through AI, we develop advanced algorithms to extract valuable insights from data. Computer vision enables us to analyze what is happening in the OR and measure the efficiency of each move and surgical task accurately. Machine learning algorithms continuously improve our solutions and provide personalized recommendations. Workflow optimization streamlines surgical processes, reducing manual effort. By integrating these technologies, we deliver actionable insights that empower surgeons and care teams to optimize patient outcomes and drive innovation in surgery.

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Machine Learning



Our Approach

At Exin Health, our customer-centric approach drives us to actively solve real problems. We create actionable insights by deeply analyzing pain points and iterating continuously to provide comprehensive solutions. Our philosophy centers around designing effective painkillers rather than superficial vitamin supplements, directly addressing critical needs. Embracing constant iteration, we refine our solutions, closing the loop to ensure optimal outcomes. Understanding our customers’ needs, iterating our approaches, and delivering impactful tools are key to fostering long-term partnerships and empowering clients efficiently.

Our Team / Consultants / Contractors

Home Team Member

Hasan Ertas

Founder, President

Experiences: Intuitive Surgical, Stryker
Home Team Member

Metin Sezgin, PhD

Co-Founder, Head of AI

Experiences: Koc University, Yale University, University of Cambridge, MIT
Home Team Member

Ugur Acar

Head of Product Engineering

Experiences: Edge Delta,, Netas
Home Team Member

Emre Safak

AI Engineering & DevOps

Experiences: Pinterest, Qeexo, Kahuna
Home Team Member

Ajay Gulati

Platform Architect

Experiences: VMware, ZeroStack, KamiVision
Home Team Member

Tom Albrecht

Product Management & Customer Experience

Experiences: Intuitive, Johnson & Johnson
Home Team Member

Tareq Allan

CyberSecurity and Privacy Officer

Experiences: DHR Health, Firsthand

Our Advisors

Dr. John Porterfield

Dr. John Porterfield

Surgeon Advisor

Department of General Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Susan Michaud

Susan Michaud

Scrub Tech Advisor

Good Samaritan Medical Center, MA

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